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Here you can find my videos and mp3-files as well as the tablature and sheet music that I wrote.

Have fun! grin.svg

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17th March 2017

You can now purchase the tab and sheet music of the prologue from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast here .grin.svg

3rd March 2017

New video! cute.svg

Two weeks before the release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson you can now listen to the prologue respectively the trailer music. wink.svg

24th December 2016

Merry christmas! cute.svg

As a small present, here is an extract of my most recent live performance. wink.svg

15th November 2016

Correct my if I’m wrong, but my video Ludovico Einaudi – Una Mattina now seems to be the most viewed guitar cover of that piece on YouTube. Thank you! cute.svg


19th September 2016

Get to know me and my guitar here. grin.svg

17th September 2016

You will now find me on Instagram Instagram (kristofs_guitar) too. I just want to try out who else I can reach. grin.svg

31st August 2016

Unfortunately not much has been happening here for quite some time but there was a reason for that: this website now moved to a nice and much more memorable internet domain, I completely redesigned it, uploaded new content and made it more user-friendly. There will be even more changes soon.

Have fun exploring the new website! grin.svg