Playing the piano on 6 nylon strings

My name is Kristof, 26 years old, from Berlin and I have passionately played the guitar for more than 15 years now.

For some while I have envied pianists. On their instrument they can produce up to ten notes at once, they are able to play nearly every type of music in any key and can make use of endless sheet music that has been written for them alone. On the contrary, guitarists often only find information about which three chords they have to play repeatedly to perform a famous pop song. This kind of guitar music never satisfied me. That is why I began to read piano and even orchestra scores of my favourite genres – soundtracks and musicals – and tried to figure out how I could play this music on my guitar. I didn’t want to leave out to many notes and the original piece or song always had to stay recognizable.

Some kind of ambition developed and I got better in writing those arrangements for the guitar. First I presented my music in school productions, recieved positive feedback and finally got the idea of uploading Ludovico Einaudi’s Una Mattina to YouTube. The video eventually got more views per day than any of my occasional live performances and I decided to produce further videos.

My drawer is full of arrangements that I plan to publish and furthermore I have many new ideas. Unfortunately it takes quite some time to record and edit a new video but if you visit this website from time to time you will definitively find new stuff.

My equipment

My guitar is a Konzert C Cut from Duke guitars. Its top is made of massive cedar, back and rips are mahogany. The venetian cutaway makes it possible for me to play in high positions which I couldn’t do on my old Alhambra guitar. I use the original stringing Savarez 500 ARJ mixed tensions. Beneath the bridge of my guitar there is a total of six pickups (Nanoflex-6) which I can mix with the on-board preamp Shadow SH 4020‑C. Using the software Audacity I record the resulting stereo signal via USB audio interface UR 22 by steinberg to my computer.