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known from:Beauty and the Beast (film, 1991)
composer:Alan Menken
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How do you like my arrangement of the prologue from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast? I got the idea for this cover when the new film starring Emma Watson has been announced and this magical melody was used in the first trailer.


guitar tab and sheet music
(pdf file, 57 bars on 5 pages)


I’m not that girl

known from:Wicked (musical, 2003)
composer:Stephen Schwartz
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Here you see my version of I’m not that girl, a love song from Stephen Schwartz’ musical Wicked. The witch Elphaba, bullied for her green skin color, expresses her feelings for the good looking and out of reach student named Fiyero.

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Una Mattina

known from:Intouchables (film, 2011)
composer:Ludovico Einaudi
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This is my interpretation of the famous piano piece Una Mattina that many people know from the french film Intouchables. I play the full-length version from the soundtrack, not only the shorter one which Einaudi originally had written for his same-named album in 2004.


guitar tab and sheet music
(pdf file, 96 bars on 8 pages)

Caro mio ben

composer:Tommaso/Giuseppe Giordani (uncertain)
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Although I always try to break down music scores into one single voice for my guitar it sometimes doesn’t work without a singer. For lack of talent I can’t do that part on my own. Fortunately Joanna, a friend of mine with a brilliant voice, helped me on this old Italian aria here and did a great job! Together with Dan from BluFrames we recorded it professionally and now we want to share the result with you.


(mp3 file, 02:35)


Lascia ch’io pianga

known from:Rinaldo (opera, 1711)
Antichrist (film, 2009)
composer:Georg Friedrich Händel
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As in Caro mio ben Joanna also did the singing part of this second Italian-language aria while Dan recorded both of us. Maybe you recognise the music from the film Antichrist by Lars von Trier but it originally became very popular with Händel’s opera Rinaldo during the 18th century. We even included the recitative.


recording of the recitative
(mp3 file, 00:48)


recording of the aria
(mp3 file, 03:50)


both recordings aboveYou save 25 %!
(zipped folder with two mp3 files, 04:38)